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Twelve 12 Ministries runs solely on the support and generosity of individuals or organizations who desire to assist in furthering our mission and help women everywhere find Jesus. We are grateful for the donations that keep us operating and further our ability to bring hope into the lives of women.



1. PRAY. We are praying diligently and would be honored if you would pray along with us as we continue growing our ministry.

2. GIVE.  We believe that God provides enough resources among friends, family, believers and grants to meet our financial need. We are excited to see how God uses His people to provide. Therefore, we humbly ask for your financial support.

3. SHARE. It would be an incredible blessing to us if you would share this with your social network and/or family and friends.


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*Twelve 12 Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization and any contribution is tax deductible.