Birthing Dreams and Delivering Babies

Birthing Dreams and Delivering Babies

I remember telling my friend that we were pregnant with our second and the intense look of pain and joy flashed across her face all at the same time. Yep, you guessed it, they were dealing with infertility.

Right then something began to grow in my heart. I remember thinking, “God has given me a gift. I would do that for someone, I would carry their child.” And so, our journey began.

I shared my heart with my husband and to my joy, he was on board with me being a surrogate. It took about four years from the initial idea to the point that we felt that our family was ready to pursue the possibility. I started to research the process and agencies. We knew this was a major life decision and wanted to make sure that we made it in full faith and with complete peace that we were supposed to do it and it was the right time.

Finally I was ready to apply and sent in my application packet. After only about 24 hours I got a call from the Director of the Surrogate Agency. She said, “We have been waiting for a surrogate like you. I have a couple that has been looking for almost two years for the right surrogate to work with.”

Since then I have delivered two set of twins and a single surrogate baby for three amazing families dealing with infertility and loss. They each have their own story for why they needed to use a surrogate and everyday I am humbled and honored that they chose me to be a part of growing their family.

I would love to be a surrogate forever, over & over again, but physically, that isn’t realistic. Throughout my time as a surrogate and being a part of the TTC (trying to conceive) Support Community, I have come to know the importance of faith, support, peace and a plan while on the path to parenthood. Today I continue to expand the vision and purpose that was placed in my heart years ago by helping couples navigate the road and relationships while trying to conceive as a Couples Life & Fertility Support Coach.

We all have been given gifts. I am blessed to be able to use mine to be a small piece of the puzzle to help others birth their dreams!

Improving Journeys,


Tiffany Jo Baker MA, CLC

Bio: Tiffany Jo Baker spends her time helping women and couples birth their dreams and navigate the road and relationships while trying to conceive. From her experiences as a 3x Surrogate who has birthed five babies for three couples dealing with infertility and as a Couples Life & Fertility Support Coach, she knows the importance of faith, support, peace and a plan while on the path to parenthood. Her goal is to help women and couples thrive thru infertility. To find out how you are doing, get your FREE “Thriving Thru Infertility” Quiz here along with tips, encouragement and resources delivered right to your inbox. For even more inspiration, follow her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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