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“For the past three years I have been struggling with infertility and healing from a miscarriage. After months of hope, prayers, tears, surgeries, supplements, and remedies, conceiving our second child was not in God’s plan. If I did not have Jesus in my life, a community to surround me, and the truth of the Bible, I would not have made it through. This is my story; and through my pain and hurt, God helped me break free. The strength I was given from this trial is now my way to help others who are struggling with the same issue.” —Nicole Hill Clark, Founder of Twelve 12 Ministries

The heartbreak of infertility, and sharpness of a miscarriage or infant loss, is a pain unlike any other. Questions like “Why me?” bubble up to the surface, and community and support becomes vital. Figuring out how to survive emotionally after these events is what founder Nicole Hill Clark saw a need for firsthand in the North Texas community.

Twelve 12 Ministries is a new non-profit organization to support women who are struggling to conceive, with infertility or barren, including anyone who has suffered a loss through miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion.

Inspired by the Bible verse, Romans 12:12: “Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer,” Twelve 12 Ministries focuses on Biblical teachings to help any woman through their tough season.

There are not many options, outlets, or places for women to go that focus on Biblical teachings to help them through their tough season of loss or infertility. Many times these women feel lost and unsupported. No place to turn or no one to talk to. Twelve 12 Ministries provides a safe environment for women to seek, learn, while online, in person, in large groups, or one on one. —Clark

If this is your season right now and you need a place to go to be heard, supported, or just surrounded by those with shared experiences, visit Twelve 12 Ministries on Facebook or by website. Here you will find daily devotionals, blog posts and interviews, resources, podcasts, events, volunteer opportunities, counseling sessions, Bible studies, and more.

Grief, fear, pain, and doubt are countered with hope, patience, and prayer. The one thing everyone seems to be searching for, particularly women, is “community.” Twelve 12 Ministries delivers just that: Community.


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